At the end of each course our participants are asked to
complete a survey detailing their experieince with the All-On-4 Clinic Residency.

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“After speaking to many colleagues, friends and mentors who have attended the All On 4 Clinical residency with Dr. Fibishenko, it was something I had always wanted the opportunity to do. The course was very well structured and consisted of a series of lectures as well as Live Surgery.

We covered the diagnostics and work-up for full-arch implant rehabilitations, surgical as well as prosthetic protocols as well as management of complications. Alex is a very gifted surgeon who was very generous in sharing his knowledge. His methodical approach, meticulous surgical technique, spatial awareness, attention to detail and prosthetically driven mindset to full arch implant supported rehabilitation underpins the success in his cases - “I donʼt think about the surgery, I think about the result”.

The devil really is in the details and what happens in the surgical phase is almost always carried through to the prosthetics! All surgeries were live streamed to the lecture theatre, with audio/video and real time narration by Dr. Fibishenko. Participants not assisting had the opportunity to ask questions from the lecture theatre during and after the surgery, all of which were answered either through the live video stream, or afterwards in the debrief of each case. We also had the opportunity of going down to the lab to observe the prosthetic protocols in the on-site lab.

The workflow was seamless, and really highlighted the importance of detailed communication and the collaborative approach required to successfully complete these comprehensive rehabilitative cases. A very nice variety of cases were completed during an intensive 3 days composed of 5 surgeries, 8 arches, terminal dentition cases, edentulous cases as well as numerous severely atrophied maxillary jaws requiring Zygoma Implants.

Being able to assist for these cases was certainly a highlight. The staff were outstanding and very accomodating, the food was great as was the social event organised in Melbourne CBD on the second night.

We also had the pleasure of meeting a special guest - Dr. Ophir Fromovich - developer of the Nobel Active Implant as well as the new Strauman BLX Implant who also presented a lecture on smile design and gave us his insights into implant design.

Overall, this was a great residency, suitable for participants with implant experience looking into delving into full arch Implant rehabilitations.”
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“Dr Alex Fibishenko’s Zygoma method has completely changed my view about this treatment in a positive way. I have seen many different methods for Zygoma performed around the world, but Alex’s technique is a big step ahead. It is minimally invasive with a high degree of accuracy in the positioning of the implants producing outstanding results no different to his standard All-On-4 procedures. He makes it look easy, and it is the small refinements that make all the difference.

During Alex’s residency I saw 8 operations including six zygoma implants. He explained every step from the surgery to the production of the teeth. The ultimate credit was the tears of those happy patients who received a complete transformation in 24 hours, and it was definitely a transformation also in my own thinking and opinion of All-On-4 and Zygoma.”
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“There are nuances and refinements in the details of Dr Alex's approach that make a difference. These come from a degree of learning by experience and innovation in this procedure that is hard to match anywhere in the world.

Those that don't understand the benefits All On 4 and Zygoma Plus give suitable patients, don't understand these details, and how they are not achieved by many who call a case "All-on-4". As I expressed this observation to a colleague at the residency program, he aptly said, "You don't know what you don't know." If you want to really "know" about full arch immediate rehabilitation for the complex case, Dr Fibishenko's generous teaching is invaluable.”
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“Dr Alex Fibishenko is clearly the world’s standard by which all other implant educators should be judged. His dynamic presentation of live surgical and prosthetic techniques combined with his supporting classroom lectures are unrivalled for learning best practices associated with immediate loading of dental implants using the All-On-4 technique.

I have personally witnessed many legends in implant dentistry in my 25 years practicing implant dentistry, but Dr Alex Fibishenko is unrivalled in his surgical and prosthetic knowledge and expertise and his ability to teach his techniques at the highest level!”
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“To see how he manages the soft tissue and how he is doing the surgical procedures has really opened up my eyes as to what is possible.”
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“Dr Fibishenko’s All-On-4 methodology for total oral rehabilitation is by far the most advanced I have knowledge of in the world.

His innovative plan for contingencies and long-term restorative solutions have no equal. I would highly recommend attending his program to anyone and it has changed the way I practice in a profound way.”
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“Awesome clinical attachment on All-on-4 Plus, with a good mix of practice principles and clinical exposure!”
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“It was AWESOME! The people, the organisation of the programme, the food and beverage options, the quality of the live cases. I think Alex is not only a very good clinician but an excellent presenter.

Seldom am I able to hold my interest in a topic for 3 days straight. Thank you Nobel Biocare and Dr Alex for a wonderful experience in Melbourne. So happy to get this opportunity to be inspired and educated in not only patient management but soft skills as well. A highly recommended course!”
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“True eye opener as to how actual All-On-4 treatment is done from start to finish. It was also good to see how the team (dentist, nurses, lab technician) work together, and how communication was done between patient and clinician at each step of the way. The honesty and openness of Dr Fibishenko in sharing his knowledge and clinic was refreshing.”
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“The live surgeries are clearly and nicely carried out with step by step explanation. An eye-opening inspirational experience.”
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“I have been fortunate to have watched many implant surgeons across the world and Alex is up there with the best. His gentle, precise and meticulous surgical technique is beautiful to watch. He is more like an Artist or Master Craftsman of Implant Surgery. Alex has refined many techniques in implant placement and hard and soft tissue management. He has an extensive range of “new age” skills designed to effortlessly address issues and provide more satisfying patient outcomes……there was no drama, just a single-minded focus to create a beautiful outcome. Alex’s superb results force us to question the empirical traditional “old school” approach still commonly promoted by others”
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“Dr Fibishenko demonstrated a simpler way of executing the All-On-4 technique with greater success. A very inspiring program that participants will definitely enjoy!”
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“I attend numerous CPD events during any year. This course Total Immediate Rehabilitation with All On 4 Plus presented by Dr Alex Fibishenko was by far the best presentation that I have been to for several years. Dr Fibishenko displays the extremely rare combination of superb implant placement surgery coupled with a great insight into the prosthodontics needs and implications. He is a truly gifted clinicians who was happy to share his experiences.”
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“Having attended many courses in US & Europe this one was right up there. The programme was absolutely complete and comprehensive in terms of the All-on-4 plus clinical procedures. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Dr Fibishenko’s thorough knowledge, in depth studies and huge clinical experience could be seen in his presentations from introduction of the programme to going in-depth in subject and various surgical options. Covering complications in detail and very candidly was outstanding.

His presentation skills were of the highest order YET without arrogance. He takes participants with him on a journey through all aspects and is willing to share more and more, NOT HOLDING anything back. Humble to basic and dumb questions, his willingness to dish out more than promised is heartening. He seems to have immaculate skill and sound knowledge of what he is doing during surgery, very dexterous with a sharp mind for lateral thinking. The live procedure from A to Z was mind-boggling. Covering various surgical options with 4 live surgeries from start to finish was just perfect to go back home and be confident of doing this procedure in your own office. Well worth the long trip from India.”
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“The All on 4 Plus course was excellent, well worth the trip from Sydney, …clear, honest, with no ego.”
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“Dr Alex Fibishenko is pioneering full arch implant rehabilitation in his state of the art practice in Melbourne. He has developed an integrated approach combining surgical, prosthodontic and technical expertise in offering a complete solution for the edentulous patient.

The facility is world class with dedicated operating suites, general anaesthetic facilities and teaching areas. He is not only a gifted clinician, but also a very generous and knowledgable educator that will be able to offer attendees to his courses an insight into implant rehabilitation.”
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“This course is excellent and changed our way of thinking. I learned a lot.”
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“Alex Fibishenko thank you for being different than others.... for truly sharing with us your Jedi moves and inviting us to go to the next level!!!”
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