Dr Ophir Fromovich visits All-On-4 Plus® Australia

December 7, 2022

It was our great privilege to host the inventor of the world's most popular implant Nobel Active and Straumann BLX, Dr Ophir Fromovich.

Ophir is an innovator in the field of dental implants and has made significant contributions to dental implant design, which has impacted our everyday practice as clinicians, as well as our patient's enjoyment. He developed multiple implant styles, until the Nobel Active, which was the most advanced implant at the time, and has become the world's most sold and most copied implant.

More recently he developed Straumann BLX, which is a very new introduction to the Straumann line, but is destined to set a new standard especially in immediate loading. Interestingly Ophir's background is not in surgery bu actually in the area of orthodontics.

I have know Ophir for many years, since the introduction and pilot studies of Nobel Active. He was always interested in immediate loading, and never took to the concept of Zygoma because of poor results and invasiveness of the procedure. He then saw my Zygoma-Plus technique at various conferences and his first words to me after seeing this technique were "...its just common sense. It is completely logical. There can be no other way to do Zygoma". It was then that he decided to come half way around the world to the All-On-4 & Zygoma Residency in Melbourne.

I couldn't let him get away without doing a lecture for us, and as a surprise treat to our other participants he was kind to share his experience and insight.

I am so fortunate to be in a position to be able to host great people at my clinic, and always like to treat the attendees with some kind of a special surprise.

"During Alex’s residency I saw 8 operations including six zygoma implants. He explained every step from the surgery to the production of the teeth. The ultimate credit was the tears of those happy patients who received a complete transformation in 24 hours, and it was definitely a transformation also in my own thinking and opinion of All-On-4 and Zygoma." Dr Ophir Fromovich
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