Mykonos 2024 - Terms and Conditions

By registering to a conference or event organised by Dental Implants Masters (DIM) you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below.


1.1 You must pay all registration fees, including any late fees, in full to DIM prior to the start of the conference/event. If you do not, you will be refused entry and will also be liable to a cancellation fee;

1.2 Any registrations received within 30 days of the conference/event will be subject to a late fee of 10% of the standard published conference fees;

1.3 Any request to change your registration must be emailed to No such requests can be made over the phone. If you would like to transfer your registration to another delegate, you may do so if the substituted delegate is from the same organisation as you; and you have notified DIM of the proposed substitution 30 days or more in advance if the conference/event


2.1 Your attendance at the conference/event is, at all times, at the sole discretion of DIM and/or its nominated agents. DIM reserves the right to refuse entry to you, or to request that you leave the conference/event, without notice acting reasonable. If this occurs, you will not be entitled to any refund, and may be liable for other costs;

2.2 Continuing Education (CE) activities require validation. This may be done through an attendance log or by recording a unique code provide during the course of any lecture/activity. You will only be issued CE credits and a certificate in digital format and where your attendance has been confirmed/verified by DIM. Validity or acceptance of any CE hours by any institution is not guaranteed by DIM;

2.3 You must at all times comply with:

2.3.1 these terms and conditions;

2.3.2 any terms and conditions imposed by the venue (Venue); and

2.3.3 any reasonable direction given to you by DIM, the Venue host, or any of their employees, agents or contractors, and DIM reserves the right to immediately terminate the registration of any delegate that it reasonably believes is not complying, or has not complied, with the above terms.

2.4 You will receive an attendence certificate from DIM upon completion of the prescribed course subject to compliance with its requirements and these terms and conditions. The attendence certificates will be provided in digital format on the last day of the event. You may request a copy by emailing DIM subject to an administrative fee plus postage and handeling.

2.5 If the event is advertised in conjunction with any other educational body or sponsor, certification from them will be subject to their terms and a fee nominated by them.


3.1 The conference organisers reserve the right to change speakers and cancel or modify any or all of the educational programs or social events.

3.2 In the event of cancelation by the organisers of the entire conference, or a specific paid components thereof, you will receive 100% refund for the corresponding component.

Cancellation by you:

3.3 All cancellations and requests for refunds must be made by email to;

3.4 Any valid refunds, subject to these conditions, will be processed within 30 days of the end of the conference/event.

Cancellation Policy:

3.5 Unless expressly stated otherwise, full-cost registration fees are subject to the following cancellation policy:

3.5.1 Cancellations with longer than 120 days notice - 100% refund

3.5.2 Cancellations within 60 to 120 days of the event - 50% refund

3.5.3 Cancellations within 60 days of the event - non-refundable

3.6 Unless expressly stated otherwise, early bird and any discounted registration (Inc. all coupons) registration fees are subject to the following cancellation policy:

3.6.1 Cancellations with longer than 120 days notice - 50% refund

3.6.2 Cancellations within 120 days of the event - non refundable

3.6.3 As some educational activities or social events require a non-refundable pre-payment, you will be liable to cancellation costs up to the full value of your reservation for those activities or events.

Accommodation and Travel Costs:

3.7 Cancelation of accommodation for any reasons with notice longer than 120 days from the event will incur a cancelation fee equivalent to 50% of the reservation total. Cancellations within 120 days of the event will incur a cancelation fee equivalent to 100% of the reservation total. Travel Insurance is highly recommended to cover the costs of cancellations for any reason.

3.8 The conference organisers decline all liability for any travel arrangements made in relation to the conference under all circumstances, and recommend adequate Travel Insurance and flight/accommodation arrangements on flexible rates/terms.


4.1 All material made available at the conference/event is subject to Copyright and is for your personal learning. The use of all such material in any other way including duplication or reproduction without the express written consent of the relevant author/speaker and the organisers is strictly forbidden.

4.2 By participating in an event conducted by DIM, you agree to enter a covenant as a Covenantor (the “Covenant”) with the following terms:

4.2.1 You acknowledge that DIM and/or its speakers or representatives will conduct lectures and demonstration for educational purposes (the Program), and will disclose certain confidential information;

4.2.2 Audio and video recording of lectures or demonstrations is not permitted during the conference, unless express permission is otherwise granted by DIM and/or speaker.

4.2.3 Where the context permits "confidential information" shall mean and include the Program and the products of DIM and/or its speakers or representatives and any information, specifications, techniques, procedures, spreadsheets, documentation, trade secrets and other materials, whether written or otherwise, furnished or disclosed directly or indirectly by the authorized representative of DIM to the Covenantor relating to such products and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, also includes that information which relates to processes used and techniques adopted by DIM and/or its speakers or representatives in the marketing of the products or in the carrying out of any aspect of its business, the structure and commercial or other application of its products, its trademarks and any trademarks used by DIM and/or its speakers or representatives under licence, the research in hand or contemplated and new developments whether developed by DIM and/or its speakers or representatives or acquired under an agreement with another person and the financial and market information.

4.2.4 Proprietary Nature of Confidential Information: The Covenantor acknowledges that the confidential information is proprietary to DIM and/or its speakers or representatives and has been designed, formulated, developed or accumulated by DIM and/or its speakers or representatives is secret and confidential, shall remain the exclusive property of DIM and/or its speakers or representatives and shall be used by the Covenantor only for the permitted purposes specified in Clause 4.2.8 of this Agreement.

4.2.5 The Covenantor agrees not to directly or indirectly allow, permit, use, reproduce or copy or permit the use, reproduction or copying of any of the confidential information except as may be necessary for the purposes referred to in Clause 4.2.8 herein.

4.2.6 Disclosure and Reproduction of Confidential Information: The Covenantor agrees not to disclose or reproduce any of the confidential information or suffer or permit the confidential information to be disclosed to any person whatsoever except with the written consent of DIM and then only on to such persons on terms that they covenant and agree not to disclose the confidential information or suffer or permit the confidential information to be disclosed to any person unless the confidentiality thereof is similarly respected in the same manner as herein provided and then but subject thereto such disclosure shall only be made for the sole and exclusive purpose of enabling the purposes specified in Clause 4.2.8 herein.

4.2.7 Patient Privacy: The Covenantor agrees to respect the privacy of patients treated or present during the course of the Program, and not to post or share any details of the patients, including their photographs, videos or any recording that includes the patient.

4.2.8 Use of Confidential Information for Permitted Purpose: The Covenantor may use the confidential information for the sole purpose of personal learning and revisions.

4.2.9 Indemnity Against Loss: The Covenantor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold DIM and any of its partners, associates, affiliates, employees, directors and proprietors harmless against any and all loss, damage, cost and expense resulting from the unauthorised disclosure or use by the Covenantor, its agents, representatives or its employees of the confidential information for any purpose other than that provided in Clause 4.2.8 herein.

4.2.10 Injunctive Relief: In the event of a breach or threatened breach of the terms of this Covenant by the Covenantor DIM shall be entitled and is hereby authorised by the Covenantor to obtain from any court of competent jurisdiction interim and permanent injunctive relief restraining the Covenantor from committing any breach or threatened breach of this Agreement without showing or proving any actual damage sustained by DIM as well as an equitable accounting of all profits or benefits arising out of such violation, which rights and remedy shall be cumulative and in addition to any other rights or remedies to which DIM or its agents, employees, speakers or representatives may be entitled at law or in equity.


5.1 By registering to a conference sold or organised by DIM, you agree that DIM is not liable to you for any loss, damage, injury or any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or economic loss or damage (including loss of opportunity, exemplary or punitive damages) whether to person or property and whether arising from default, negligence, misconduct or otherwise by DIM, its employees, agents or contractors in connection with any conference/event sold or promoted by DIM.

5.2 You agree to indemnify DIM against liability for, or in respect of, any claims, demands, actions, costs, expenses, losses and damages arising out of or in connection with or as a consequence of any of your acts or omissions in connection with the conference/event that breach these terms and conditions.

5.3 Our key concern as an educational provider is the protection, safety and wellbeing of all our employees, participants, customers and partners and we strive to take all required actions and precautions. By participating in the event, you assume complete and full responsibility for, and hereby release Dental Implants Masters and its related entities, partners and sponsors from any duty of, checking and verifying any and all entry requirements of each destination, and all health, safety or security conditions and applicable local laws and restrictions at such destinations, during the length of the proposed travel.

5.4 Dental Implants Masters (including its entities, agents, partners and sponsors) shall not be responsible or liable for any cost, damages, or losses caused to you in connection with your travelling to a destination, holding the Presentation and/or these terms and conditions or developments, or any action or prescription by governments and/or health authorities, or any other actions or omissions.


6.1 You acknowledge and agree that, in respect of your attendance at the conference/event sold or organised by DIM:

6.1.1 you may be photographed, filmed or recorded;

6.1.2 DIM and it's sponsors and affiliates may use and disclose your name and image in any material, including promotional material (Material) in connection with the conference/event or future conferences, without any compensation to you;

6.1.3 DIM can use and disclose your personal information for any other purpose in connection with the conference/event;

6.1.4 all right, title and interest (including intellectual property rights) in the Material will automatically vest in DIM on its creation;

6.1.5 you unconditionally and irrevocably consent to any act or omission that would otherwise infringe any of your moral rights in the Materials and agree to not institute, maintain or support any claim or proceeding for infringement of any such rights;

6.1.6 DIM’s privacy policy contains further information about how DIM uses, discloses and stores personal information. It also contains details about how you can access and seek correction of your personal information;


6.1.7 Sponsors and exhibitors may have access to your personal information (name, telephone, email, etc.). DIM is not responsible for the subsequent use, disclosure or other handling of your personal information by any sponsor or exhibitor.


7.1 If you are a speaker in the event or make any sort of case presentations you accept and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions herewith as well as the following additional provisions:


7.1.1 The Presentation shall inform the public of new data, findings, results and studies that are relevant to the event subject.

7.1.2 You represent and warrant that to the best of your knowledge your Presentation does not violate any third party rights and that the Presentation is true and correct and does not include any illegal, unethical or offensive contents. Ensure all cases and statements are within indications of the products, and that any patients are either de-identified or have provided explicit consent for sharing broadly with the public.

Intellectual Property

7.1.3 Your acceptance of these terms entitles Dental Implants Masters without additional compensation to take photographs, audio and videotaping (the “Recording”) during your Presentation that may be used in print or electronic format, for conference publicity or association publications. Furthermore, you grant Dental Implants Masters and/or its affiliated entities the right to publish these photographs, audio and/or videotapes for any internal and external purposes, in promotional material, presentations, magazines, in printed and electronic format, on websites, on electronic devices, on social media (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube), in any other electronic format or media at the sole discretion of Dental Implants Masters and/or its affiliated entities. The Recording may be kept for up to 15 years for publication and indefinitely as a secured archive of Dental implants Masters.

Cancellation and Liability

7.1.4 For information concerning possible dangers or restriction at international destinations, please be referred to the prescriptions of your national health and government authorities. By accepting to deliver the Presentation, you voluntarily assume all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected. We hereby warn you of such risks, and we advise to obtain appropriate insurance coverage.

7.1.5 If you are unable to hold your Presentation, you have to make reasonable efforts to find an adequate replacement.

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